From projecting a professional impression to creating a warm and homely ambience, Crescendo’s blinds are a testament of practicality, beauty and efficiency.


With over 25 years of experience in the light filtration industry, our company has been in the forefront of manufacturing blinds to a wide variety of users and needs. Our manufacturing facility has state of the art equipment to cater for all our client needs.

Combined with our extensive knowledge in business management, logistics and financial planning, we are well equipped in bringing quality products and services to your homes and business. Our vast network of contacts ensures that our products are competitively priced and services delivered in a timely manner.

We believe that growth is a symbiotic relationship. We are looking to expand our horizons and are open to future collaborations, partnerships and ventures.


  • To produce blinds and light and filtration systems of unparalleled quality.
  • To help our clients achieve the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.
  • To accommodate the needs and restraints of our clients in producing the optimum light filtration solution
  • To expand our company and product line throughout the region
  • To continue developing better and more cost efficient products.